How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Right Now

When the logo comes out on the screen, repetitively press the F8 key untill you enter the Advanced Boot Options menu. The Reset your PC option in step 2 below will not be available if you boot from Windows 10 installation media. If you select the all drives option in the steps below, this will erase all partitions/volumes on the Windows system disk.

Coming to search, it’s now just an icon compared to a huge text bar. You can search for applications as well as browse the web quickly. The official, release version of Windows 11 is now available as a free upgrade to anyone who has Windows 10 and a PC that meets Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements. However, the Redmond software giant isn’t pushing the upgrade to every eligible system at once. Some users will be offered the option to upgrade in their Settings menu on or around the October 5th official launch date while others may be waiting until 2022.

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A Windows 10 computer is prone to errors when you use it frequently. Any updates msi driver scanners, installations, and changes you made may eventually lead to glitches, and system breakdown in severe cases. I was never given the option to go back to the previous version, Windows Vista on my computer.

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  • This step is probably the easiest—simply press the Print Screen on the keyboard, to capture the entire screen.
  • All HUAWEI PCs with Windows 10 currently being sold on HUAWEI Consumer BG website will be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

Your settings, such as the Start Menu arrangement, will go back to their defaults. When finished, eject the device and plug it to your laptop needs factory resetting. Boot your laptop from the disk to enter password recovery interface. If your purpose is to fix an issue you’re having you can go ahead and press “Just remove my files” on the next screen.

Myerson said that these changes would occur in a future update, but did not elaborate. Windows Phone 8.1 would share nearly 90% of the common Windows Runtime APIs with Windows 8.1 on PCs. Other critics argued that Microsoft should not have triggered any downloading of Windows 10 installation files without user consent. Microsoft stated that these devices would no longer receive feature updates, but would still receive security updates through January 2023.

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If you find the article helpful, you can share it with your friends and family. Right-click the screenshot and click “Save as picture”. To do this, press the PrtScn key and open Microsoft Word.

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If you see an email address below your user name and account photo, then you already have a Microsoft account and you’re done. You can also use a floppy disk if your PC is still surfing the retro waves. Close this window and then log in with an empty password by hitting the arrow button. This shows a list of usernames that are available, including your own.

Or, you can share it with a friend or colleague by pasting the image into a chat or email. Whether it’s to capture a cherished memory or a funny meme you saw on social media, taking a screenshot is always a great way to have a back-up of an important image. There are plenty of tools and apps you can use to grab an image and save it to your PC, but the easiest way is to use the built-in keyboard functionality.